Our philosophy

If you intend to run away from the vanity and noise of the city, if your soul dreams to be cleaned in the temple of nature, if your eyes wish to enjoy amazing sunsets, than reading these lines, you have found YOUR PLACE.

Villa "Rai" is situated in the hills above the village Srednogorovo, cosy nested in an acacia copse.

A beautiful home, which combines the traditional style with the modern way of life.
The whole arrangement speaks of cosiness and elegance. Your host admires the nature, doing lots of sports and hiking and lives in harmony with the nature.

Sitting under the big walnut tree with a cup of aromatical coffee or a glass of wine, you'll enjoy the beauty all around you.

In this place you will have a complete satisfying and energizing vacation and when you leave, you will feel as a better man, richer and with the feeling of full happiness.

Live in Harmony